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Safety Policy Letter

Guiding Principles for Our Operations

Our mission of restoring and flying combat aircraft is focused on education. We do this by showcasing the airplanes and teaching about those who maintained and flew them into combat at great risk to preserve the freedom of America and her Allies. Operating and maintaining these airplanes during peacetime, without the risk associated with war, is our mission.

This mission carries with it a responsibility to eliminate and mitigate the lesser risk associated with peacetime operations. There is no mission in the Commemorative Air Force that justifies deviations from technical data, operating manuals, rules and policies.

The General Staff and I are committed to the wellbeing and safety of every member in the CAF. Leadership at the local level must share our commitment and accept their responsibility. Elected and appointed officers must lead the way; put your people and their safety in the front of everything you do.

The critical responsibility however, rests on you, the member. Your responsibility is even more important than the responsibilities of your elected leaders. You should never start a job, or take off on a flight, if you know or think it isn't safe. You should never let your friends in our family do it either.

Stephan C. Brown

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