Introduction to CAF Education

The CAF was founded to find and preserve World War II-era combat aircraft for the education and enjoyment of present and future generations. The CAF Education initiative has a simple goal that builds on that founding vision – develop a deeper engagement in the communities we serve and continue the legacy of the CAF by delivering world-class educational programming. Together, we will deliver quality, experiential education programs throughout the country via our membership base and 60 unit locations.

Education is our mandate. Our 11,000 members are the proud gatekeepers of a special story, told through flight, events and artifacts. The CAF Education initiative creates a platform for all CAF units and members to share creative and effective tools to reach more people with our important messages. is your portal to the flow of information, resources and materials that will enable your unit to run a successful education program.

Whether your unit currently has an education program or this is the first time it has been on your radar, you’ve come the right place. Here you will find great examples of strategies and tactics that have been developed, tested and documented in an easy to use form. These are starting points intended to provide your unit the first steps on a road to a larger-scale, sustainable education program.

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CAF Unit Programs

See how CAF units can attain resources to run educational programs.

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STEM Curriculum

Educational programs cover a wide range of activities all based around STEM disciplines.

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Special note from CAF Headquarters:

The CAF is the world’s largest flying museum. With more than 165 flying World War II-era aircraft, we have accomplished a great feat of preservation, saving many of these airplanes from the cutting torch, or smelter. To get to the heart of what drives the CAF, and our 11,000 members, it is important to look at why these airplanes were saved.

In truth, our reasoning today for continuing to save and preserve these airplanes, is not altogether different from why our founders pledged themselves to the task more than 60 years ago. The airplanes are a vessel for stories. Human stories of the greatest generation, of courage, perseverance and dedication, but they are also monuments to those who never came back. The airplanes were saved so that these stories could be shared, so that the lessons of the greatest generation would not fade away and be forgotten.

When it comes right down to it – the airplanes were saved for education.

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