WE REMEMBER 10% of what we read 20% of what we hear 30% of what we see 50% of what we see and hear 70% of what we discuss with others 80% of what we personally experience 95% or what we teach others - Edgar Dale

CAF Education is devoted to learning by doing. We literally put the tools in the learners’ hands.

Last spring the CAF Education Department provided links and resources for parents, students and teachers to assist with home and online learning during this challenging time with COVID-19. We knew you need immediate help, so we put together lists of great tools. Since the resources we put to such great use, we are leaving these links in place for now.

Please feel free to share resources and lessons with us to post to help our communities continue with student learning.

Our focus is to provide activities and resources that will help students learn by doing. Remember..."They who do the work do the learning." Productive struggle is a good thing to promote the mindsets that helped the Allied Forces secure our freedom and liberty. Many of the lessons & activities we have chosen to require simple engineering design processes including problem solving, creativity, critical thinking, designing, testing, and redesigning.

CAF Webinars

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Achievers Reaching New Heights

We are proud to showcase these individuals!

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CAF Unit Programs

See how CAF Units can attain resources to run educational programs.

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Educator Accreditation

Texas educators can receive continuing education credits through our WWII webinar series.

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National Aviation Education Center

Meet the NAEC Team!

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Youth Interaction and Protection

Volunteers are the life blood of the CAF. Anyone within arms reach of a child is required...

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Resources by Age

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