CAF Unit Education


The CAF Education support team is a connection point to encourage and enable all units to share their experiences and learn from one another to make each education program robust and vibrant. Tapping into the entrepreneurial spirit of our CAF colonels, we can work together to create and maintain education programs at the unit level that support the CAF mission and core values, which will only improve the overall quality and effectiveness of this world-class organization. facilitates best practices that have been incubated at the National Air Base and originated in the field at the unit level. We are committed to supporting all of our units and volunteers, who are truly the frontline of the CAF and make the biggest impact on communities across the country.

Utilize your CAF Education support team and join in the conversations. Find out how to contact us.


Looking to increase meaningful volunteer opportunities and recruit new members? Implementing a successful educational outreach program will not only benefit your community, it will strengthen your current membership base. Capitalize on your unit’s passion to share the inspirational messages of the CAF and inject new energy into your group. Implementing an educational outreach program will help your unit gain visibility while providing a meaningful service to your community. Decide what kind of activities work best for your current needs and capabilities, and build a solid program based on the foundation of resources provided through


Each unit should strive to have an Education Officer to ensure adequate facilitation of your education initiatives that will lead to an overall successful program. The CAF Education support team will provide the guidance and resources needed for this officer to thrive, which will result in an increase to your unit’s community impact. Connect with your fellow CAF Education Officers!

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