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Operations blog covers topics for crew including flight operations, safety maintenance and more. Check in often for updates to regulations, safety bulletins and general good common sense reminders.

12 Planes of Christmas – It’s time to submit your airplanes!

12 Planes of Christmas – It’s time to submit your airplanes!

As we approach the end-of-year giving season it is time once again to choose the CAF’s 12 Planes of Christmas. Selected from across the nation 12 projects will be highlighted, offering donors a glimpse of the organization’s best projects. If you are working on a project and want to see it featured, now is your chance to submit it for consideration as one of the 12 Planes of Christmas.

Click here:

to fill out your application for review by the American Airpower Heritage Flying Museum Board – the deadline is just around the corner!

Last year cumulatively our aircraft raised more than $150,000 spearheaded by the efforts of the 12 airplanes selected to emphasize our Keep ‘Em Flying spirit. From unit to unit, success stories abound like Lake Superior 101 Squadron, who raised more than $11,000 for their PBY restoration exceeding their goal and the Dixie Wing who were able to gather over $16,000 towards the restoration of the CAF’s only Corsair!

Campaigning aircraft for 30 days during the holidays is certainly hard work, but 12 Planes of Christmas represents the best annual opportunity for units to crowd-fund their projects, restorations and maintenance efforts. 

What are you waiting for?

Submit your aircraft today!

Additional questions about aircraft eligibility and participation should be directed to Alan Brooks, Chairman of the AAHFM Board, at

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Register Now for ICAS 2017

Register Now for ICAS 2017

Hello Everyone,

Its never too early to start thinking about ICAS 2017.  The dates are December 3-6, 2017. Registration pricing is set to increase on September 1st, so get your tickets quickly. ICAS is a great way for CAF Units to rub shoulders with event organizers and airshow professionals. This year the convention will be held in Las Vegas Nevada at the Paris hotel and Convention Center.

During the convention, CAF works to combine and leverage our presence and co-locate our booths and members together. If you’re interested in attending, please register with the instructions below. If you’re interested in booth space please contact Julie Buss below.  

Instructions for Registration are below (Utilizing a Generic Login). Personal logins are available through ICAS directly, but please feel free to use the info below as well.

Step #1: Please go to the website

Step #2: Click on member log-in in upper right corner

Step #3: Please use the Username: Julie The Password is: caficas

Step #4: Please click on ‘convention’ and then ‘register’.

Step #5: If you have attended ICAS in previous years you should see your name on the list. If you do not see your name you can either email Julie Buss at or call 214-330-1700 ext. 130. You can also contact ICAS directly and have your name added by calling 703-779-8510.

Booth Space: If you are looking to secure booth space for a CAF unit please contact Julie Buss at or 214-330-1700 Ext. 130.  


See you all in Las Vegas,

David Oliver

V.P. of Operations, & Maintenance

Commemorative Air Force

Cell: 630-853-9624

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Emergency Action Item for C-45 Drag Link Bolts

Emergency Action Item for C-45 Drag Link Bolts

1.  Affected Models:

All Beech 18 and C-45 aircraft:

2.  Summary:

The C-45 and Beech 18 aircraft utilize a drag shock strut assembly which rides on a slide tube for retraction and extension.  The lateral forward and aft movement of the gear trunnion is supported by this drag strut.  Different models of the drag strut are in use but all incorporate an upper and lower bolt assembly.  These bolts are subjected to high shear loads during takeoff and landing and Emergency Gear Exentsion. 

3.  Findings:

During a routine flight the aircraft never received an up light gear indication.  It was discovered that the upper drag link bolt had completely sheared.  The head and tail of the bolt had separated and were working loose from the bolt hole.

4.  Required Inspection:

Prior to next flight jack the aircraft and remove the upper drag link bolts on both the left and right landing gear.  Use die penetrant inspection on the bolts to Inspect for wear, cracks, and damage or replace the bolts with new old stock.  Report any damaged bolts to the CAF Director of Operations.

5.  Special Flight Authorization:

Authorization to fly the aircraft to a location for maintenance can be approved by contacting the CAF Vice President of Operations and Maintenance.  David Oliver: cell: 630-853-9624

**** Click Download for Inspection Detail****


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Aircraft Available for Assignment

Aircraft Available for Assignment

We have some new aircraft available for assignment in the CAF.  If you or your Unit have any interest in seeking assignment of an aircraft please contact David Oliver at within the next 30 days. Please note that new CAF Units and CAF Units without an assigned aircraft generally have preference.

Here is how the process works:

#1.  Contact David Oliver to give your expression of interest and discuss your Unit situation. 

#2.  Unit Officer vote at the squadron level to seek assignment.  

#3.  Fill out the CAF Form AA1 for official assignment request (

#4.  Your submission will be reviewed by the American AirPower Heritage Flying Museum Board for Unit selection and approval.  

Happy Bidding!

David Oliver

V.P. of Operations


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2nd Annual Mountain West Formation Clinic

2nd Annual Mountain West Formation Clinic
(i.e. Please Share!)
With 2 weeks to go we need more registrations to ensure a successful clinic. In order for the even to break even we need 10 paid registrations and right now we have 5 airplanes and 7 participants.  Registration covers the costs of pilot snacks, lunches, the welcome BBQ, and one hotel room for volunteer ground personnel support.  So, register now by clicking on this REGISTER link and sending a quick email, that would be most helpful for our planning purposes.
I’m currently working with Clover Control to get some Restricted Airspace carved out for our Formation Operating Areas, and discreet frequencies.   We will also have the Aerobatic Practice Area Waiver over the airport.  This is great airspace and a great time of year to get the rust knocked off before the summer flying season or begin the journey towards a FAST card.
We are grateful for the members of the Utah Wing of the CAF, CAF HQ in Dallas, TRARON, the RPA, and NATA for all stepping up and pledging their support.  There is every reason for us to be sharing resources and making good on the pledge that “FAST is FAST” by training to a common standard, understanding operational differences, and supporting our precious privilege to operate these great airplanes.  
Here are the event details:
WHO:  Any pilots interested in formation (if you do not have a tandem seat, bubble canopy aircraft, please contact me to see what we can work out)
WHAT:  FAST Formation Clinic.  Brand new formation pilots, those interested in being a brand new formation pilot, and seasoned veterans alike are all welcome.  
WHEN:  Thursday June 1 thru Sunday June 4.  90 Minute Ground School will be Thursday at 1800 followed by a BBQ on the ramp amidst historical WWII hangars.
WHERE:  KENV, Wendover, Utah (on the Nevada/Utah border) home of much WWII history and adjacent to the Bonneville Salt Flats.  Located approx. 90nm due west of Salt Lake City.
WHY: Why not?!  Camaraderie, high quality training, and fun.
Cost of the clinic will be $95 and includes a welcome BBQ on Thursday evening, lunch each day, pilot drinks and snacks, and whatever pilot schwag we can come up with. This is a great opportunity to visit and fly at a truly historic airfield - selected by Paul Tibbets to train the B-29 crews that ended WWII in the Pacific.  Tons of ramp space, great facilities including a B-29 hangar we can use if we get bad weather, and open airspace.  
Please REGISTER HERE so we can get a headcount.  Registration fees will be collected on site.
IMPORTANT - Below are the following hotels for which we have negotiated group rates.  Please use the group code FORMATION CLINIC to get the discounted rate.  Wendover is a border gambling town so they tend to sell out on the weekends.  Please make your reservations ASAP to ensure you get a room.  
***QUALITY INN - 15 rooms blocked $65 for 2+ nights, $75 for one night  (435) 665-2226
****BEST WESTERN PLUS 10 rooms blocked- $99/night  (435) 665-2215
Please contact me directly if you have any questions, and please spread the word!
Let’s FLY!
Barry Hancock
Clinic Bottle Washer
801-899-5313 cell
1200 -1800  Arrivals/Fam Flights
1800 -1930  FAST Ground School (required for all first time clinic pilots, recommended for everyone)
1930-???    On Site BBQ
0800 Morning Briefing (required for everyone flying)
0830 -1130 Training Sorties
1130 -1230 Lunch on site 
1230 - 1700 Training Sorties
1700-1800 Aerobatic Box Open
1930 Dinner in town
0800 Morning Briefing (required for everyone flying)
0830 - 1130 Training Sorties / Check rides
1130 - 1230 Lunch on site 
1230 - 1700 Training Sorties / Check rides
1700 - 1800  Aerobatic Box Open
1900 - 2100 Banquet / SHORT awards ceremony / Call signs
0800 - ??? Break down / Clean Up/Departures / Check rides
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