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Questions with D-Day Pilot Bill Prosser

Questions with D-Day Doll Pilot William “Bill” Prosser

1) How long is flight overseas?

After leaving Oxford CT this Sunday, we proceed directly up to Goose Bay Canada. The Atlantic crossing is the same as the WWII route, called the “Blue Spruce Route.” Each leg across is approx. 650 miles. Goose Bay Canada to Narsarsuaq Greenland, Narsarsuaq Greenland to Keflavic Iceland, Keflavic Iceland to Prestwick Scotland, and Prestwick Scotland to Duxford UK.

3) Where will D-Day Doll be in the formation for June 6?

The actual cross channel drop will take place on the afternoon of June 5th, on June 6th there will be a lot of dignitaries in Normandy, so only military will be allowed to fly.

4) How many rehearsals are planned?

There will be 2 rehearsals in Duxford UK.

5) What amount of time was spent preparing the aircraft, in Riverside, California, for the trip?

We have been fund raising and bringing the C-53 D-Day Doll up to speed for this type of journey for the past 2 years. For 15 years, the D-Day Doll has not traveled more than 250 miles away from home base, this 13,000 mile journey requires the bar to be raised a bunch as you can imagine.

6) What is the trip going to cost?

About $250,000 in cash and product in kind was raised to bring the aircraft up to speed and ready for the trip. We estimate that it will cost $200,000 for trip operational expenses. We are still actively fundraising.

7) Where can someone contribute to defray CAF's costs?

Click Here

8) Any concerns about the re-creation -- lot of planes occupying same space?

All of the pilots are FAA certified formation flight. We have all had lots of training and practice.

9) Will the commemorative flights all include paratroopers?

There are several teams participating, WWII Airborne Demonstration Team (ADT), Round Canopy Parachuting Team and Liberty Jump Team are the 3 major teams from the U.S.

10) Why is this special for D-Day Doll and crew?

Because she deserves to be there where she served 75 years ago. Our CAF mission is to Educate, Inspire and Honor. We have been and are honoring those who gave so much so we can enjoy the freedoms we have today.

11) Will there be rides aboard bird for public in France or England?

There will be no rides for hire in Europe.

12) When is crew and plane returning to Riverside?

She and her crew will start westbound from the Paris Airshow, starting on June 24th. We have several stops on the way home, arriving back home in Riverside, California, late July.

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