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You do not need to be a veteran or a pilot to join the CAF. Membership is open to everyone age 18 or older. Cadet membership is open to students ages 12-23. All membership levels will receive a membership packet and the knowledge that you are securing a part of history that can remain alive through flight. The CAF is a non-profit, tax-exempt historical and educational organization. Donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. Click here to download an application.

CAF Colonel: $225 per year

As a CAF Colonel you are eligible to:

  • Join a CAF Unit or Aircraft Support Team
  • Experience the CAF "behind the scenes" through access to CAF aircraft and events
  • Fly in CAF aircraft on a space-available basis as qualified crew
  • Receive a CAF name tag, wings and commission certificate
  • Secure CAF GiftShop discounts
  • Gain early access to upcoming events and ways to participate
  • Receive the CAF Monthly magazine The Dispatch*

Active Military, Guard and Reserve personnel can join the CAF at the Colonel level for a discounted rate of just $125. Dues will remain $125 annually while on Active Service in the military. In order to receive the active military discount, proof of active duty must be shown.

Members who reside outside the U.S. will automatically receive the Digital Dispatch via email monthly. The printed version can be mailed monthly for an additional donation. Please contact member services (877) 767-7175 for information.

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CAF Preservation Colonel: $325 per year

Preservation Colonels strive to support the CAF's extensive collection of World War II artifacts. Your additional donation will assist in the preservation and research of the collection so it can continue to be shared with future generations. Preservation Colonels also enjoy the same benefits as a CAF Colonel.

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The Victory Circle: starting at $1,000 per year

The members of The Victory Circle are an exclusive community of individuals dedicated to educating, inspiring, and honoring through flight and living history experiences who make an annual gift of $1,000, $2,500, $5,000 or $10,000. Members enjoy VIP access to events and leadership, as well as other special privileges and gifts. Victory Circle members also enjoy the same benefits as a CAF Colonel plus:

  • Victory Circle Ball Cap
  • Victory Circle Challenge Coin
  • VIP invitations to events including CAF Wings Over Dallas WWII Airshow
  • A flight in a CAF aircraft

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CAF Life Member: $2,700 one-time payment

As a CAF Life Member you are eligible to receive the same benefits of CAF Colonel Membership plus:

  • Life Member wings
  • Life Member card
  • Life Member plaque

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CAF Gold Life Member: $3,700 one-time payment

As a CAF Gold Life Member you are eligible to receive the same benefits of CAF Life Membership plus:

  • Gold Life Member Wings
  • Gold lettering on black leather name patch
  • An art print by Roy Grinnell

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CAF Platinum Life Member: $6,500 one-time payment

As a CAF Platinum Life Member you are eligible to receive the same benefits of CAF Life and Gold Life Membership plus:

  • Platinum Life Member Wings
  • An enhanced Platinum Life Member Card
  • Platinum Life desk plaque
  • A personalized engraved pocket watch
  • A signed copy of a book honoring WWII heroes

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CAF Cadet: $50 per year

Cadet memberships are open to students ages 12-23. Cadets will need proof of age, such as driver's license, or student i.d.

As a CAF Cadet, you are eligible to:

  • CAF name tag, wings, t-shirt and certificate
  • Free admission to the CAF Airpower Museum
  • CAF GiftShop discounts
  • CAF Monthly magazine Digital Dispatch delivered to your email

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Supporting Member: $100 per year

As an alternative to full CAF Membership, you may become a Supporting member and receive:

  • Monthly CAF magazine Digital Dispatch

To be a member of a Wing, Squadron or Detachment you must first be a CAF Colonel, Preservation Colonel, Life Member or Cadet.

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Wing, Squadron or Detachment Membership:

(Yearly dues vary and are payable to the Unit)

Becoming a unit member puts you where the action is- close to the aircraft and their operations. There are more than 80 CAF Wings and Squadrons located in 24 U.S. states and four foreign countries. These Units are assigned the responsibility of maintaining aircraft and creating or promoting events and programs to share the CAF fleet. Detachments are responsible for various disciplines within the CAF, such as Marshalling, AIRSHO, or Explosive Ordinance.

Unit Members often receive additional benefits such as:

  • A monthly Unit newsletter
  • Unit assigned aircraft crew opportunities

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