The Victory Circle

Introduced in 2017, the members of The Victory Circle are an exclusive community of individuals dedicated to educating, inspiring, and honoring through flight and living history experiences who make an annual gift of $1,000, $2,500, $5,000 or $10,000. Members enjoy VIP access to events and leadership, as well as other special privileges and gifts.

The Commemorative Air Force® (CAF) was founded to preserve history by restoring historic World War II aircraft back to flying condition and to educate generations of Americans on the value of military aviation in assuring our nation’s freedom. More than just a collection of airworthy warplanes, our fleet of more than 170 aircraft, known as the CAF Ghost Squadron®, recreate, remind and reinforce the lessons learned from a defining moment in American history. This is history worth saving…and worth passing on!

The Commemorative Air Force began over 65 years ago with a small group of pilots and a single World War II P-51 Mustang fighter aircraft. What started as a hobby became an urgent mission to preserve and protect these important pieces of history. These airplanes — and the men and women who built, flew and maintained them — changed the world forever! We can never let them be forgotten.

We invite you to become a member of our exclusive membership program – The Victory Circle. Your support will ensure the Commemorative Air Force continues to “Keep ’em Flying” and inspire generations of Americans for years to come.

The Commemorative Air Force® (CAF) relies on our members for vital support in preserving and caring for our flying museum of World War II military aircraft. By becoming a member of The Victory Circle, you join an exclusive community of individuals dedicated to honoring American military aviation through flight, exhibition, education, and remembrance. In exchange for your commitment, you’ll enjoy VIP access to events and leadership, as well as other special privileges and gifts.

We hope you will consider joining The Victory Circle. If you are interested in learning more about The Victory Circle, contact the Development Office at or (877)767-7175, ext. 103.

On-line Flight Log

Thank you to our current members of The Victory Circle

Jean A. Allan
Mike Ames
Norris Anderson
Fred Ascher
Lee Ashcraft
Dwight J. Baum
Daniel D. Beck
LeeVern Beck
Tony Beauchamp
Richard Bernstein
James Bills
Edward Blackburne
Mark Jon Bluth
Robert W. Boich
Richard D. Bond
David Borgen
Joseph Botz
Charles Boxman
Russ Boy
Louis Brooker
Thomas A. Brown
David Burchill
Allen Burgess
Kathy Calta
Ronald Colgrove
Daniel Colrud
Marc Cosat
Emmette Craver
Larry Crum
Stewart M. Dall, Jr.
Ralph Darr
Matthew Desch
John Eckhardt
David England
Dan Ervin
John Fasse
Michael Ferguson
Joseph B. Fiveash III
Charles Garris
Terry Gavin
Gregory Gellert
Stuart Gibson
Tom Gideon
Robert Glenn
Al Gonsoulin
Richard Gramling
Marcus Gray
Dodd L. Hackman
Suzanne Hahn
Edward Hamer
David Harris
William Harrison
Richard Heider
Jason Heller
Charles H. Jenkins, Jr.
Richard Heider
Charles Hewitt
David Higgins
Roger Hoh
Thomas Hooker
Curtis Hutchens
Jose Iglesias
Eugene Ignatowski
Charles Indingaro
Keith Irwin
Robert Johnson
Samuel Kelder
Edward Keough
Damon Kimber
Jim Kleinwort
Thomas Kreienbaum
H. Kirke Lathrop, III
Howard Leach
Tony Lenamon
Norman Leonard
James Martin
Jackson McBroom
John McClure
Parry McCurdy
Walter McGrew
Gerard McIlvain
Derek McLoughlin
William McRae
John Meyer
Dan Mercurio
Steven L. Nack
Vicki Neels
Dennis O'Gorman
Donald Palmer
Gerald Paul
Brad Perkins
Harvey Peterson
Peter M. Pifer
Jim Pocsik
James Polski
Gary K. Proos
David Reed
Mathew Reno
Harold Reynolds
David Richardson
Corinne Richardson
Dawn Roberson
Daniel Robinson
Marta Rojas
Peter Rose
Randy G. Rothe
Edward Russo
Roger Schaefer
Donald D. Schmidt
James Shepherd
Philip Sheridan
David Sinclair
Bruce Smith
Jeff Sortomme
Roger Squires
Ross Staffhorst
Steven Stendahl
Harry W. Stowers, Jr.
William Strang
John Thackaberry
Walter Thompson
Paul W. Tibbets, IV
Joe Unverferth
Raymond Van De Riet
Stephanie A. Vickery
Marcus Weatherall
Linden Welch
Robert Wilson
John Woods
Kevin Woodside
Randolph Young
John Zeuner
Michael Ziegler
Jack Zwicker
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