CAF Warbird Tube - C-60 Lodestar "Goodtime Gal"

Dallas, TX

ONLINE EVENT The C-60A is a twin-engine transport based on Lockheed’s Model 18 Lodestar. The Model 18 was a civilian airliner like the DC3, but slightly smaller and a little faster. During the War, the C-60 was used as a cargo aircraft, VIP transport, and paratroop transport. The C-60s also served stateside as tow aircraft for training glider pilots. Most C-47s were sent to fighting units overseas in Europe and Pacific theaters. The CAF’s C-60 Lodestar is assigned to the Houston Wing. She was built in 1943 and carries the name and Nose Art “Goodtime Gal.” She is configured as a paratroop transport, complete with jump lights and a static line hookup. Join Houston Wing members on this episode and learn more about Goodtime Gal.

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Dallas, TX, 75237-4728

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