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Tex Hill Wing to Host Vietnam Remembrance Event in San Antonio

(January 24, 2018- San Antonio) - It's been a half century since the infamous 1968 Tet Offensive forced America to re-think its involvement in the Vietnam War. The CAF's Tex Hill Wing on Feb. 17 will host Tet '68 Plus 50 at Stinson Municipal Airport in San Antonio to honor Vietnam War veterans and showcase some of the conflict's aircraft, vehicles and military equipment. " 'Tet' was the pivoting point in America's Vietnam odyssey," says event organizer and Tex Hill Wing member Morgan Montalvo. "Tet is the Vietnamese Lunar New Year, and both sides had grown accustomed to annual ceasefires during that period. During Tet '68 Viet Cong guerrillas and the North Vietnamese Army unleashed a ferocious series of attacks across South Vietnam that proved the Communists were far from beaten. Even though U.S. and Allied forces eventually took back many of the areas overrun by the enemy, 'Tet' was a shock to our troops in the field, as well as to the American public and leadership back home - and that led to America seeking an exit strategy," Montalvo says. Tet '68 Plus 50 is the Tex Hill Wing's first public event since moving from nearby Hondo to San Antonio, and is an informal, fly- and drive-in community meet-and-greet event for Vietnam veterans and their families, period aircraft and vehicle owners, Vietnam reenactors and the public. Admission is free. Tet '68 Plus 50 runs from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. For more information or to be a part of the gathering, contact the Tex Hill Wing at: texhillwing@gmail.com

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