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Exclusive Access to D-Day C-47 Watch at www.tockr.com/dday

October 1, 2018, Dallas, TX - With the restoration of C-47 That’s All, Brother great care was taken to preserve every piece of the aircraft, including the aluminum skin that had to be replaced. Pitted with corrosion, the panels were carefully removed and put aside. Mechanics were instructed to save every piece of scrap they remove.

Around the time where the C-47 was being moved to its new home at the Central Texas Wing, fate steps in. A chance reading about a Texas-based watch brand reveals the company’s deeper link to aviation history. Tockr, as the brand is known, even carries a C-47 inspired series of watches. It’s the perfect match for the 75-years-old scrap aluminum from That’s All, Brother.

The CAF contacted TOCKR about an idea of creating a D-Day themed time piece and wanted to be able to use some of the scrap material from That’s All, Brother in the watch. For a watchmaker, this poses all kinds of issues—but TOCKR was committed to finding a way to make it work and wanted to donate back some of the proceeds to the continued care of the C-47.

After months of development, Tockr is proud to announce the Tockr D-Day C-47, a truly extraordinary wrist watch. Each Tockr D-Day C-47 uses a piece of scrap metal from the C-47 That’s All, Brother. The watch is a true tribute to history and a magnificent reminder of the difficult decisions, steadfast bravery and sacrifices made all those years ago.

Learn more about the watch and order at www.tockr.com/dday.

Manufactured in runs of 100, Tockr’s first batch will be exclusively available to CAF members for a limited time. Each individually numbered piece comes with a certificate of authenticity, signed by the CAF to guarantee it’s use of genuine material from That’s All, Brother.

Ordering will start October 1, 2018 and the watches will ship out towards the end of October. CAF members can access the watch at www.tockr.com/dday.

The Tockr D-Day C-47

The Tockr D-Day C-47 encapsulates a portion of the material cut from That’s All, Brother as the base-plate for its dial. Preserved under sapphire crystal, each dial bears evidence of its history. Each piece of salvage tells a fragment of the story, and every Tockr D-Day dial will be distinctive.

Their weathered appearance also tells a story of resilience and rebirth. Against all odds, it has survived, and against all odds, the D-Day invasion helped turn the tides of war towards liberation. A new life is granted to the rescued material through this special timepiece.

Three hands observe the passing of time, mere millimeters above a piece of American history. It’s the perfect symbolic gesture: as we look to the future, we must remember the past. Furthermore, watches like this typically become heirlooms. In this way, the Tockr D-Day C-47 can perpetuate the legacy of That’s All, Brother for generations to come.

Each watch is assembled in Switzerland and is powered by the Swiss ETA-2824 movement. The watch requires an initial hand winding for power. A small rotating counterweight inside the back keeps the watch wound automatically from there on out. When you move, the counterweight spins, adding tension to the mainspring. This grants you a power reserve of approximately 40 hours from day-to-day use.

The watch comes with two straps, one made of drab canvas webbing, and one made of leather. The straps also feature a ‘quick change’ spring bar so you can easily change them out. The case is 42mm in diameter, exclusing the crown, and the caseback bears the iconic That’s All Brother wordmark as an engraving.

The Tockr D-Day C-47 is an amazing opportunity to own a piece of That’s All, Brother. It is a connection to an important moment in time that you can keep with you. Additionally, a portion of the proceeds from each watch will go towards keeping the CAF aircraft flying.

Be sure to get your Tockr D-Day C-47, and take heed towards the beating heart of history.

For the month of October, CAF members are able to visit www.tockr.com/dday to receive a special launch price of $1490...this is $500 or 25% off the future retail price of $1990 which will start on November 1.

The first 100 watches are being exclusively launched to the CAF community until October 31st. The significant discount is only being offered to CAF members. Those who order the first 25 watches will be available for delivery at the CAF Wings Over Dallas Airshow at the end of October. Delivery on the remaining 75 pieces from the first batch will begin in November.

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