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    The French Wing is the French unity of the world's largest flying museum, the Commemorative Air Force in Midland, Texas, USA. Created in 1996, the French Wing has grown steadily to become, today, an important Association which is constantly developing. Started by about twenty CAF members residing in France, this Association now has nearly a hundred members whose enthusiasm is matched only by the will to move forward. Having only a camping tent for all equipment, and thanks to the generosity and support of the magazine Le Fana de l'Aviation, the French Wing (So called French Supporter Squadron), made his first appearance in public at the meeting La Ferté-Alais in 1998. The childish aspect of this group of warbird lovers, and the big projects they had in mind, had an effect on the public and amateurs as many new members were not long in not to join them. United by exemplary enthusiasm, the members of the French Wing devoted themselves to honor the veteran airmen who fought for the defense of our country during the Second World War. They organized commemorative war ceremonies and brought surviving American crew members and their families to France to honor them. These demonstrations, full of emotion and respect, were a great success with the authorities and the public, which increased the notoriety of this Association.

    The decision to complete these activities with the purchase of a device dating from the Second World War was taken in 1999. It took four years and six months for members of the French Wing to save the money necessary to purchase this first a Piper J-3 C-65 "Cub" from 1945. After passing in painting and decorating US Army Air Force, this Piper Cub was offered to organizers of air meetings. Since then, he has participated in many events, including the air festival of La Ferte-Alais, Rennes, Falaise, Cambrai, Haguenau, Montbéliard, etc ...

    In 2005, the French Wing acquired the remains of a Rearwin Sportster 8500, a rare and historic aircraft dating from 1936 discovered in France some time ago. It is now in the hands of members of the French Wing who patiently perform the restoration and that of its 5-cylinder engine LeBlond 85-horsepower.

    In 2007, several members of the French Wing once again had the opportunity to demonstrate their enthusiasm by joining their efforts and by acquiring an NC 856 Norvigie from 1959, a liaison and observation device that was used during the war of Algeria. This third aircraft is considered an integral part of the French Wing's fleet, although all costs of its use are borne by the co-owners alone.

    The next step in this slow and difficult evolution will be the acquisition of a hangar large enough to allow the creation of a museum, a workshop, a clubhouse, and the holding of regular meetings of the Association. . Schools will be able to send classes of students to learn the history of aviation and gain basic aviation knowledge.

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