Tex Hill Wing San Antonio, TX

8431 Mission Rd
Hangar 3
San Antonio, TX 78214

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    AT-6B Texan/Harvard "Ole Yeller" More "Ole Yeller" Info

    The "Tex" Hill Wing is the proud recipient of a 1942 SNJ-4 "Ole Yeller", courtesy of Rich Ferguson, who donated the aircraft to the Wing. Many thanks Rich for your generosity! Here is a brief history of our SNJ: Ole Yeller was born in Dallas, Tx at the North American Aviation facility. She stretched her wings for her first flight on July 18, 1942. On August 10, 1942, she was transferred to the Naval Air Station at Pensacola, Fl., where she was a used for pilot training. She suffered her only known injury on February 9, 1943, with a landing gear failure. She remained on active duty until May 2, 1949, when she was put in long term storage at Pensacola. WWII was history, and the... ...

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