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PT-26 1943 Fairchild PT-26 More 1943 Fairchild PT-26 Info

Our Fairchild PT-26 is a 1943 WWII veteran. The PT-26 is also known as the M62A and the British Cornell. The open cockpit version of this plane is called a PT-19. This primary trainer was the first plane our WWII pilots flew before moving on to Basic trainers, Advanced Trainers and single seat fighters or bombers. The PT-26 is primarily wood construction with wood veneer and fabric covering. The PT-26 was primarily used by the Canadians since it has an enclosed cockpit. The inverted 6 cylinder Ranger 440 engine has 200HP and a sleek looking profile. This plane was also built with a radial engine and called a PT-23. The PT-26 has a top speed of 187MPH and burns an average of 12 gallons... ...

SNJ-5 Texan 1943 North American SNJ-5 More 1943 North American SNJ-5 Info

Our North American SNJ-5 is a 1943 WWII veteran. The SNJ is better known as the Army AT-6 or the British Harvard. Most people call it a “T-6.” Most of the SNJ’s and AT-6’s were manufactured in the Dallas Texas North American factory. For this reason, the AT-6 is also called the “Texan.” It was also nicknamed the "Pilot Maker" as it was the 2-place advanced trainer that nearly every WWII pilot had to learn combat flying maneuvers in. The Navy also added tail hooks to some of the SNJ’s and used them for carrier training. This advanced trainer was the last plane our fighter pilots flew before moving on to the P-51, P-40, Corsair and other single seat fighters. The Navy used the SNJ for... ...

T-34 Mentor More Info

History In 1955, the T-34A commenced service as the United States Air Force's initial primary flight trainer, replacing extant North American AT-6 Texan trainers. Following training in the T-34A, USAF pilot trainees would advance to the North American T-28A Trojan for intermediate training. The T-34A Mentor remained the standard USAF primary trainer until the introduction of the Cessna T-37 Tweet jet trainer in the late 1950s, replacing both the T-34A and T-28A. As the U.S. Air Force replaced the last of their T-34As at the beginning of the 1960s, many were turned over to the USAF Auxiliary, the Civil Air Patrol, for use as search aircraft. Our T-34 was assigned to the Civil Air... ...

The Commemorative Air Force Wisconsin Wing is a non-profit organization that shares a passion for military aviation history and is dedicated to the preservation and flying of vintage military aircraft. We promote camaraderie among our members and a public appreciation for our rich aviation heritage, while fostering a greater respect for our military and for those who served.

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