Mike Hunt Alaska Wing Anchorage, AK

5000 W International Airport Rd
Anchorage, AK 99519

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  • BT-13 Valiant More Info

    The BT-13 was one of several simplified versions of the more complex Vultee BT-54 Basic Trainer. It was a fixed-gear, low-wing tail-dragger with a crew of two sitting in tandem. When production ended in 1944, approximately 11,537 Valiants had been built. The BT-13 was the most widely used trainer aircraft in WWII. It was flown by most American pilots in transitioning from Primary trainers like the PT-19 to more advanced trainers like the AT-6. It was more complex than the Primary trainer and required the use of two-way radio, landing flaps and a two-position, controllable-pitch prop. The BT-13 was nick-named the “Vultee Vibrator” by its pilots for its most remarkable characteristic- a... ...

    HARVARD MK IV More Info

    The Harvard series of advanced trainers were British Commonwealth Air Forces versions of the North American Aviation (NAA) T-6 Texan used during and after World War II. NAA delivered its first Harvards in October 1938 to the Royal Air Force (RAF) and Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF). The US-built Harvards included the Harvard I, based on the North American BC-1, immediate predecessor to the AT-6; the Harvard II (AT-6); Harvard IIA (AT-6C); and Harvard III (AT-6D). In all, North American built 2,989 Harvards. Due to NAA being so heavily involved building its B-25 Mitchell and P-51 Mustang aircraft, a license to build Harvards was awarded to Noorduyn Aviation Limited in Canada. Noorduyn... ...

    L-2 Grasshopper More Info

    It all started when...

    The Commemorative Air Force had its beginning following World War Two when returning GIs realized that the seemingly plentiful war machines that won the war against the Axis were rapidly disappearing without anyone really noticing. Without any action from private citizens proactively seeking to save and preserve these amazing aircraft, they could have been lost forever. Thus the forerunners of the Commemorative Air Force began their tireless drive to rescue as many historically significant aircraft from scrap heaps as possible to prevent them from being turned into razor blades.

    The Col Howard "Mike" Hunt Memorial Alaska Wing of the Commemorative Air Force takes that original mission of preserving historically significant military aircraft to the Far North of Alaska - the only state to be invaded during World War Two. By preserving these aircraft in flying condition, we are able to preserve the important connection for Alaskans to that deadly conflict in such an intimate way lest we forget the what happened so many years ago.

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