Centex Wing San Marcos, TX

1841 Airport Rd
Bldg 2249
San Marcos, TX 78666

Contact number:
(512) 396-1943


B-25 Mitchell Yellow Rose More Yellow Rose Info

The “Yellow Rose”, the christened name of the vintage B-25J Mitchell WWII bomber, is once again touring the American skies. The bomber is completely restored to its wartime capabilities and is operated by the Commemorative Air Force Central Texas Wing. It is one of the flying museum pieces belonging to the organization’s “Ghost Squadron” aircraft collection. After four years, the aircraft was lovingly restored to WWII condition by members of the Central Texas Wing and donated to the CAF in 1981. Literally thousands of man hours were donated over the four year period by the members of the Yellow Rose Squadron in order to bring the Rose back into full operational readiness. The restoration... ...

P-39 Airacobra Miss Connie More Miss Connie Info

C-310/U-3 More Info

The U-3A began life as the Cessna model 310A (which had gained fame as the “Songbird” flown by Skyler “Sky” King of radio and TV fame) in January of 1953. The Cessna 310 gained wide acceptance for its good looks and excellent performance, so the USAF decided it would make an excellent replacement for its fleet of aging Beech C-45s in the administrative support, liaison and light cargo duties. Built as a four or five passenger fast executive transport, 546 U-3As were accepted by the United States Air Force. Originally designed as L-27As, the U-3A served as an executive transport, liaison aircraft and performed as chase planes in a number of units that operated the U-2. The average... ...

AT-6G Texan More Info

C-45 Expeditor Lone Star Lady More Lone Star Lady Info

The C-45 was based on the Beech Aircraft Corporation’s Model 18 “Twin Beech”series. First flight for the original company design was recorded on January 15th, 1937 and the aircraft was introduced that same year. The US military adopted the Model 18 in many guises including the United States Army Air Forces (USAAF) which designated the type as the “C-45”. It went on to become a fixture within the inventories of the USAAF (later the USAF), the US Navy and the USMC and saw additional service overseas with British and Canadian forces through Lend-Lease. In all, some 9,000 Model 18 aircraft were built. Production spanned from 1937 to 1970. While the Model 18 served as the basis for the C-45,... ...

C-47 Skytrain That's All, Brother More That's All, Brother Info

The lead aircraft on the D-Day invasion, the C-47 That’s All, Brother will be based at the Commemorative Air Force, Central Texas Wing in San Marcos, TX. We are incredibly excited and honored to the be new home for this incredibly historic aircraft.

The USA affiliate of Nik Coleman Television (NCTV) and the Commemorative Air Force (CAF) are collaborating to produce a feature-length, historical documentary that will chronicle the discovery, history and restoration of D-day C-47 That’s All, Brother.

BT-13 Valiant More Info

The Central Texas Wing hangar houses six CAF aircraft for which the Wing has maintenance and restoration responsibility: a very-rare flying P-39Q Bell Airacobra, a rare flying P-63F Kingcobra undergoing restoration, the B-25J Yellow Rose, a replica Kate #310 from the movies Tora, Tora, Tora and Pearl Harbor, a BT-13 Valiant undergoing a frame up restoration and a U-3A Administrator.

Other aircraft in the hangar are privately owned by CAF members, and used to support the missions of the CAF. Among these are 4 AT-6 Texan types, a Japanese Zero replica, built for the movie Tora, Tora, Tora, a Chinese-built CJ-6A trainer, the Beech T-34A “Mentor”, and a Lockheed T-33 "Shooting Star" jet trainer.

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